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Founded by a serial entreprenur with over 30 years of Silicon Valley high-tech industry experience.  Have lived and worked in the same neighborhood for many years, know the school district, residential and commercial/industrial properties in the Silicon Valley and also leading real estate professionals in the neighborhood.  Can communicate in over 5 languages and have certification of being a Green Building Professional.  Mr. Brahmbhatt is also an energy efficiency professional that goes hand in hand with today's needs for green and energy efficient residential as well as commercial buildings.

Broker, CEO Dream-Joy Real Estate Corporation


Phone: (408) 759-6823 - work, (408) 561-1594 - mobile
Address: 25 N. 14th Street, Suite #505
San Jose, CA 95112.
Having lived here for over 30 years, Mr. Brahmbhatt knows Milpitas, North Valley/Berryessa area.
He also serves as a Commissioner and Vice-Chair of the Econonic Development Commission for the City of Milpitas and is the former Chairman of this Commission.  The commission has reviewed many new housing proposals as the developers brought them for review.
Mr. Brahmbhatt is also very familiar with hospitality business.  Being a Gujarati and Hindi language interpreter registered with State of California, Mr. Brahmbhatt speaks the langauge spoken by many in hotel/motel business. This segment therefore is a huge focus for Dream-Joy Real Estate, we are extremely well positioned to service our clients in this very important business segment.




    We are a new breed of real estate professionals armed with Silicon Valley high-tech experience and a solid knowledge of the local residential market place.  

    Additionally, we bring the unique skill set to succeed in hotel/motel and commercial market with a specific California expertise.
    * Honesty, Integrity, Knowlege & Experience
    * Listen to & Respect the client/customer
    * Service with a SMILE
    * Use latest tools - our competitive advantage
    * Constant learning - improve everyday!
    * Diligence, Follow-up & Communications
    1.  Choose us for our ability to speak with you in your language.
    2.  Choose us for our ability to find the hidden deals before they show-up in the market
    3.  Choose us for our high quality of service, as if you are the only customer we have.
    4. Choose us because we can bring residential and commercial expertise